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Canada’s highest paying jobs

Canada’s highest paying jobs

What are Canada’s highest paying jobs ?

Canada’s highest paying jobs. Canadians, whether they were born in this country or immigrated here, often share a desire to make as much money as possible because it will help them, and their families, lead comfortable lives in this country.

Understanding that pursuing careers requires certain skills and knowledge, renowned employment website and job posting platform Indeed recently (September 16, 2023) published their list of some of the highest paying jobs in Canada.

Note:- Indeed notes that “salary figures [in this list] reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at (the) time of writing [but] salaries may vary depending on the hiring organization, a candidate’s experience/academic background and location”

15 of Canada’s highest paying jobs according to Indeed

  1. Anestheslogist (National Average Salary per Year :- $358,908)
  2. Psychiatrist (National Average Salary per Year :- $279,646)
  3. Cardiologist (National Average Salary per Year :- $254,847)
  4. Surgeon (National Average Salary per Year :- $280,591)
  5. Physician (National Average Salary per Year :- $254,847)
  6. Orthodontist (National Average Salary per Year :- $209,373)
  7. Software Engineering Manager (National Average Salary per Year :- $143,044)
  8. Vice President (National Average Salary per Year :- $135,578)
  9. Director of Information Technology (National Average Salary per Year :- $117,890)
  10. Enterprise Architect (National Average Salary per Year :- $110,083)
  11. Chief Marketing Officer (National Average Salary per Year :- $109,196)
  12. Software Architect (National Average Salary per Year :- $109,021)
  13. Pharmacist (National Average Salary per Year :- $105,088)
  14. Corporate Controller (National Average Salary per Year :- $103,056)
  15. Data Scientist (National Average Salary per Year :- $84,630)
Understanding the Canadian job market

In light of the above, it is worth noting that 12 and the 15 jobs included in indeed list – all except corporate controller,  Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President – fall within two general employment industries: Healthcare and science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

This is notable because it present a significant potential opportunity for qualifies prospective immigrants to Canada, as evidence by Canada’s introduction of Category-based-draw for Express Entry earlier this year.

Note:- Draw are also referred to as a “round invitations”

On June 28, 2023 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) began conducting a new type of Express Entry draw called a category-based draw. These draws are intended, in concert with standard Express Entry draw, to bring more skilled workers to Canada that can help address labour market gaps and challenges in particular industries of need.

More :- Click here to learn more about Category-based-Express Entry draws.


For 2023, IRCC is using category-based draws to prioritize Express Entry candidates with:

  • French-language proficiency
  • Healthcare industry work experience
  • Work experience in STEM professions 
  • Trades industry work experience
  • Transport industry work experience
  • Work experience in Agriculture and Agri-Food occupations

Note:- Each of the five occupational categories above has certain job titles that are eligible for category-based draws. This page outlines all jobs eligible under each occupational category in 2023.

History of category-based draws in healthcare and STE  so far

As of the time of writing, IRCC has conducted two category-based draws for those with experience in Healthcare occupations and one of eligible candidates under the STEM category.


Draw Date: June 28, 2023

Minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score :476

Number of Invitation to Apply (ITAs) issued: 500

Draw Date: July 6, 2023

Minimum CRS score: 463

Number of ITAs issued 1,500


Draw Date :- July 5, 2023

Minimum CRS score:- 486

Number of ITAs issued: 500

This page will publish the result of every Express Entry draw, both standard and category-based, whenever IRCC issued a new round of invitations.


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